Being stuck at home in self-quarantine can get tiresome staring at the same art on the walls. I decided to switch out my Xpozer print of the Eiffel Tower with something new. Switching prints takes just a minute so getting a fresh look for my home is easy.

Xpozer 4Packs offer décor variety

Xpozer provided prints for me to make, display and review. I got a 4Pack which is a credit for 4 prints and one free frame. The best part of this for me is that I did not have to order all four prints at once. While it’s possible to get them all at one time, I had the option of ordering single prints too. It doesn’t matter when I order a print because they have no expiration date. While I am pretty good at prepping files for a lab to print, I found their free course on getting photos off of my hard drive and onto my wall helpful.

Add new art easily

I enjoy my 4Pack every time I walk into my living room. I went from the Eiffel Tower to a print of a lioness I photographed in Kenya to one of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. As I work at my computer and look at my work, I am thinking of which one I want to get a new look for summer for my living room because I still have one more print left to make from my 4Pack!

Xpozer 4Pack is on sale now!

Xpozer 4Pack
The behind-the-print Xpozer stretcher frame allows photographs to be swapped in seconds.

See how easy it is to change an Xpozer print