You may remember I ordered up a 4-pack of prints from Xpozer, along with a second frame. I showed what it looked like with white orchid prints hanging.

But what if I wanted to change things up a bit for a different look?

Warm toned prints

The second set of prints I ordered were of a warmer tone — a dark brown and canvas look, versus the light and airy orchids. I set this up so in addition to light or dark so we could mix and match.

In keeping with the ‘happy wife equals happy life’ motto, I ran the idea past my honey. The verdict is they will both hang as sets. No mixing high and low key photos.

Switching out is a breeze

One of the great features of the Xpozer system is how quickly the changes can be made — especially when you decide to get a 4-pack.

Open the box. Pull out the new print. Take a print down from the wall. Squeeze the tension clip. Undo the aluminum frame from one print. Insert the aluminum frame into the next print. Hang in the same clip.

It almost takes longer to write out how to make the change than it does to do it.

Next change will be winter

Per the art direction from my wife, we’ll be staying with the high key bright images until fall. When cooler weather appears there will be a switch to the warmer brown tone prints. In the meantime the dark prints will hibernate in an out of the way corner.

Xpozer box storing images in an out of the way corner.

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob