Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here before you know it! As our entire team gears up for Thanksgiving, we wanted to compile some of our favorite gifts for photographers this holiday season. Below are a few gift ideas that are valued between $51 and $100. Check out our complete gift guide and start shopping!

Lume Cube 2.0

Recommended by the Photofocus team | Read review

Lume Cube 2.0 webinar hosted by Photofocus and featuring Kevin Ames and Lume Cube's Riley Stricklin

Lume Cube recently released its second version of its flagship product, the versatile Lume Cube LED light. This light is perfect for both photography and video work, and is waterproof, self-contained and can be remotely controlled from your smart phone. The size of a golf ball, the Lume Cube 2.0 can reach close to the intensity of a car’s headlight. With precise controls, it makes it easy to work with no matter the situation. $89.95; available via

Hoodman HoodLoupe for digital camera screens

Recommended by Kevin Ames and Rick Friedman

This is an essential piece of photo equipment, especially when working outside in bright light. The Hoodman HoodLoupe enables you to see the screen on the camera in any light. I use it both inside also to cut out any ambient light. $89.99; available via B&H.


Recommended by Scott Wyden Kivowitz

The best compact, tabletop tripod — perfect for vlogging and more. It’s convenient, lightweight and perfectly balanced. $99; available via B&H.

Sony TOUGH 32GB SD card

Recommended by Bryan Esler | Read review

Ever since my memory cards started physically breaking, I’ve moved over to Sony’s TOUGH SD card lineup. These cards are fast, and can withstand anything you throw at them (literally). $73.99; available via B&H.

Rogue Flashbender XL 2

Recommended by Rick Friedman

This is my go-to portable light modifier. It gives great light in a small package that folds up and fits in my camera bag. The kit has three pieces — the 12-by-12 inch flexible back, a 12-by-12 inch diffuser panel and a 3-by-12 inch strip light with an egg crate to control the spread of light. $99.95; available via B&H.

Platypod Max

Recommended by Bryan Esler

Photograph where you never thought was possible with the Platypod Max! This is one of my favorite tools, as it allows me to get places where I couldn’t with a standard tripod. The Platypod Max is a wide and stable base that lets you hook up a ball head to it that will hold your camera. It’s extremely sturdy! $99; available via B&H.

Looking for something smaller to travel with? Check out the Platypod Ultra for $59; available via B&H.

Online courses/mentorships

Recommended by Lauri Novak

Being able to learn in our own time in this busy world is a real gift. The options are fairly endless in this realm. Creative Live, KelbyOne, Phlearn, ThinkTAP and individual photographers who run their own programs (shameless plug … hahaha), offer a wide range of topics for both the beginner and pro photographer. Prices vary.

Alter Rapid Filter System

Recommended by Bryan Esler | Read review

As someone who is starting to get more into video, having the Alter Rapid Filter System has been a lifesaver. It allows me to attach an ND filter — or any type of circular filter — and quickly snap it back away from my lens. It makes going from having a filter to not having a filter a breeze! Great for photographers too, who are switching back and forth between regular and long exposures. Starts at $67; available via IndieGoGo.

Rosco Location Lighting Kit

Recommended by Rick Friedman

This lighting kit contains 22 different 12-by-12 inch color gels, a sheet of Tough Spun diffusion and a sheet of 24-by-24 inch black PhotoFoil. I designed this lighting kit with Rosco to put all the color gels you would need on an assignment, along with two of my favorite light modifiers, in a small roll that is easy to carry. $59.95; available via B&H.

Luminar 4

Recommended by the Photofocus team

With brand-new machine-learning tools and a reworked interface, Luminar 4 is the perfect software for both editing and managing your photographs. With the new revolutionary AI Sky Replacement, you can replace skies in a matter of seconds, while also tweaking your portraits with AI Skin Enhancer and Portrait Enhancer. Plus, purchase today and you’ll get the Luminar Photofocus Bundle for free, which includes extra skies, Lookup Tables (LUTs), a full video training class and more! Save $10 with the code PHOTOFOCUS; available via

Lowepro Passport Sling III bag

Recommended by Lauri Novak

I have had my original Lowepro Passport sling bag for almost 10 years. It has been through several cyclocross seasons, many many travels and trips and is only really starting to show some very minor wear and tear. I tried the bags made for women, that looked like purses, umm, no thanks. For one they’re not my style and secondly, they pretty but not practical. The Lowepro Passport Sling does not care if you get it dirty. This small bag is a powerhouse for carrying daily, taking on hikes and great for forcing you to limit your gear. ;) $54.95; available via B&H.

Peak Design Slide

Recommended by Bryan Esler

The Slide has been my go-to strap for years now, combining comfort with security. This strap can be used as a sling or neck strap, and safely holds your camera and its attached lens. Its anchor system makes it easy to switch out cameras on-the-fly, and with its seatbelt-like material, you can feel comfortable with this for hours. $64.95; available via B&H.