Does this sound familiar? You had grand plans for loads of special Christmas themed social media posts to help celebrate the holidays, or perhaps you captured those super cute photos of the family, kids, pets etc. and planned to get them printed as Christmas cards? Then suddenly December happened this year and it was all too late?

Go ahead put your hand up, it’s OK, I’m guilty too. But — don’t dismay. You now have the perfect opportunity to preplan for 2022! So here’s what to do with your Christmas leftovers, as it were.


Christmas might be over for another year, but before you pack away all those Christmas ornaments, set up some simple scenes, grab your camera and snap away. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had the same ornaments for years anyway, so do something productive and grab some cute shots, especially in macro before they are all packed away for another 11 months. Even some bokeh off your twinkling lights.

Christmas cards

OK, I am super guilty of this one. I did print my Christmas cards with the dog pics, but too late to get them back from the printers to post in time for Christmas. I did hand a few out, but now I have them all ready for next year! So decide on your images and get them printed in the new year.

Sure it might take a few weeks, but there is no hurry, right? Can’t choose a design? Try Canva for some design help (type in Christmas cards). Perhaps you have too much choice? Well, companies like let you upload multiple designs and images in one order. You can order 50 cards with 50 designs! And you can customize the wording inside too. Perfect!

Christmas cards all ready for 2022

Prepped and ready

So next year, you won’t be caught out, as you will have everything already prepped and ready to go. I was not going to be left hanging for another year, scrambling to run through my archives again, or have store-bought Christmas cards for my family and friends. I am going to be super organized for next year and make the most of Christmas leftovers. What about you?

Christmas Express