I recently received the print I had ordered, courtesy of Xpozer, of a photograph taken this summer up in Ludington, MI. It’s hit or miss whether we get a beautiful sunset like this in West Michigan, and with the sun rays shining on the rocks and some beautiful moss present, I couldn’t help myself when I finally ordered this.

But the truth of the matter is, I’ve always been indecisive when ordering prints. It’s why most of my walls are still a blank canvas. Do I showcase that beautiful winter ice photograph from last year? Or decide to stay warm and highlight a summer-centric scene?

Xpozer is just the right medicine for someone like me, as the system allows me to purchase an initial print and frame, and then easily switch the photos out after the fact. The frame is extremely light, which means I don’t have to deal with anchoring anything into my freshly-painted walls, either.

Easy to setup

I literally spent five minutes taking the frame and print out of the box and setting it up. If you’ve ever seen those confusing graphic-only instructions from Ikea … this is like that. Except the drawings actually make sense!

From there, it was ready to mount.


I’m always nervous about getting something rolled up, especially something as delicate as a photo print. To my surprise, the print unfolded itself very easily and was straight within seconds — with no wrinkles what-so-ever. Best yet, the print is tack sharp and the colors really shine through wonderfully.

Seasonal switches

I mentioned earlier how indecisive I am when it comes to choosing what to print. With this Xpozer frame, it’s my plan to switch out the photos quarterly, so I can have a rotating seasonal frame of sorts. Here are some of the photos I’m considering.

You can do the same thing, or just switch them out based on your favorite photo at the time. If you’re a portrait or wedding photographer, you could switch out based on season, too, highlighting your environmental photographs. I’m also considering a series of detailed architectural shots, based on color. Red for a few months, green for a few months and even white.

Now … just where to hang it!

Along with being indecisive about my prints, I’m also indecisive about where to hang it. The truth of the matter is, I’m planning an entire photo wall, so I don’t want to prematurely hang something. This is my winter project. By spring, I’ll finally have my walls filled. Fingers crossed!

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