Welcome to Xpozer, a new way to print and hang your images. I was recently asked to look at and review Xpozer printing and framing system, which claims to “Make Photography Awesome…”

“We created Xpozer as an elegant solution to the challenges of hanging large photos. Our Vivid Satin print material and Forever Frame are engineered to fit together. Like your camera and your camera lens. Without one or the other, you can’t do anything. With both, your photography will never be the same.”

Many photographers, especially the keen amateurs and enthusiasts take many photos but don’t always get them printed.  Even the pro photographer, whilst they may get photos printed for clients, but not so much for themselves. Everything seems to remain digital, online and on social media. Let’s be honest that is NOT where great photos really come to life. There is nothing quite as thrilling as seeing your photos printed and hung on the wall.

Xpozer promises to make it quick, easy and awesome, with easily interchangeable prints. There are a couple of videos on their website that show how it comes packed and how to assemble it all. The idea is that you re-use the frame, which can be changed to fit different sized prints, and you just change the print out as often as you like.

Xpozer states it prints exclusively on a custom-made Vivid Satin photo material, giving your photos a stunning gallery look for a fraction of the cost. While with the Forever Frame, you can hang one great photo after another and it uses patented tension-spring technology to keep every print hanging perfectly.

Picking an image

So while Xpozer website is easy to use, the hard part becomes a decision of WHAT to print. Firstly decide where you wish to hang it and consider the size of the area and your decor. Having a couple of options is a great idea so you can periodically swap images. I loved the idea of capturing some fantastic landscapes from our recent holidays, so I dove into my catalogue to decide what would look good on the wall.

I am ordering the Large size print, these are seriously large prints at 30-by-45 inches. Plus, I am ordering two frames as well. It’s OK — I have a large wall we have been meaning to display our photos on. What better way to achieve this than now?

I really like these images, two from Tasmania and two from Kangaroo Island, I believe the colors should work well in our decor. Xpozer suggests the following as a minimum for the large size prints;

  • Minimum resolution: 80 pixels per inch
  • File type: PNG, JPEG or TIFF (no RAW, no PDF)
  • Max. file size: 100MB (mostly between 10MB-30MB)
  • Color space: sRGB or AdobeRGB

As these are going to take up a rather large piece of wall, I am going to aim for a higher resolution (without resizing the image) to 120ppi, which puts my images at around 17-20MB. I also recommend going over your image carefully before sending off. Check for halos, sensor spots and errant objects you never noticed before. These may be hard to see on your computer screen, but might be glaringly obvious in large print. Try enlarging your image and checking in a grid pattern.

Uploading your images

This is really quite easy, visit Xpozer.com and select the size you wish to print (I used Large, 30″ x 45″). Then select Upload and load your images, from where you have them stored on your computer. I found it to be very quick, but that would depend on your internet speed.

Finishing up

Once all images are loaded go to your cart and add shipping and payment details. Payment can be made via PayPal, credit card and a few other options. If loading your images takes a while you can always click Continue Shopping. Within minutes of completing your order, you should receive an email from Xpozer stating your order has been received and will be processed shortly.

Now it’s time to sit back and wait for the magic to happen. I will update you in another post, once images have arrived and I can hang them!