There’s an interesting buzz coming from the Savage booth at this year’s WPPI, surrounding their brand-new Stainless Steel C-Stand with Grip Arm Kit. While many photographers know Savage for its paper backgrounds, the company is becoming increasingly known for its studio gear.

With the new C-Stand, Savage offers a product that solves a lot of problems for photographers. It can fit into tight corners with ease and even adapt to stairs and uneven terrain. Most importantly, the C-Stand lets you use multiple lights or modifiers without having to stack C-Stands on each other. It lets you combine a light, scrim, reflector and other accessories with ease.

In a sense, Savage has taken the ever-popular C-Stand, and kicked it up a notch to create something truly compelling for studio photographers.

“There is a lot of versatility. In many applications, one stand replaces two. You can do things you could never do with any other C-Stand,” said Rusty Reeves, director of product development.

While C-Stands are a favorite of studio photographers due to their stabilization and versatility, Savage’s new offering has some important differences compared to others on the market. For one, the C-Stand is entirely made of stainless steel — instead of chrome-plated steel — meaning that magnets won’t stick to it. More importantly, it also means it won’t rust where the chrome plating has been damaged through use, or from inside the tubing where there may be no chrome plating. It’s less likely to break over time.

It’s also the first C-Stand available with a Rocky Mountain leg and turtle base combination. The center riser is also removable for storage, while the short riser can be used to level the stand by extending it through the junior receiver on the leg. The main riser can be used in the junior receiver on the leg to mount lights flush against walls or in corners. Finally, the second baby pin on the leg allows for mounting of low angle lighting, as well as providing for other creative options.

“The junior receiver in the leg does multiple things for you. The first thing is this is what they call a turtle based C-Stand, which means you can move remove the riser from the base. So I can take out the short leg, I can move the riser and now I can put my light flush in a corner,” said Reeves. “But besides that, before anybody has either had to have a turtle base, or what they call a Hollywood or a Rocky Mountain-based amount on stairs or uneven surfaces. Ours is both because, if I’m up on a step, I can mount it on a stairway.”

The Savage C-Stand is available in stainless steel for $232.99. A black-coated stainless steel version will also be released at a future date.

Check out the video below for more information and a brief demonstration: