The Photofocus Community members shared images for a couple of challenges this week.

Weekly challenges: Weather and Smoke & Mirrors

Weather challenge

We started out last week with a challenge to photograph and share images of the weather. Here are a few submissions from our members. You can check out the rest of the submissions here.

Smoke & Mirrors

The next challenge was to create images using smoke and/or mirrors. We have had one submission for this challenge so far. Why don’t you join in and share your own smoke & mirrors images?

Susan Liepa – Smoke

Susan created this image by burning some incense and capturing the smoke. Then she used DxO Labs Nik Silver Efex and reversed the black and white.

Looking forward to 2022

A discussion was started in the community to start talking about what everyone is looking forward to for next year photographically. We asked what they wanted to work on, learn and add to their list of skills. Some of our members had great answers to this.

  • I think one subject that folks are always likely to need support with is how to share one’s work. Whether it be books, exhibits, galleries, and publications. Getting work out into the world can be a very satisfying experience. -W. Keith McManus
  • First, I need to go out and shoot more as I was in a slump this year, for sure, although I’m doing better.  I actually photographed a lot in 2020 during the lockdowns and I’m not sure why I didn’t shoot more in 2021.  I just felt a huge apathy about photography, maybe it was just some creative plateau.  Otherwise I want to improve at film photography.  -Susan Liepa
  • I’m looking to get better with my editing skills. Also get out and shoot more landscape, 2021 was heavy on sports, which had been missing for a while but want to balance things out. -Douglas Lewis
  • A new way to sell some prints. Or at least, some new outlet for my photography.  I’d like to meet someone who actually understands Google ads.  -Jim Hughes
  • Asking interesting strangers and letting the results sell themselves, like in the past. Testing out my Sony, Sigma, Tamron, Nissin and Godox gear. -George Vernon

These are just a few of the responses. How about you? What are you looking forward to photographically in 2022? Share your answers here.

On The Spot challenge

One of the fun things that pops up randomly in the community is On the Spot challenges. This is something to get us to grab our camera and share right now, on the spot. No hesitation, just accept the challenge and create an image that fits whatever it might be. There have been subject matter challenges like transportation for example. One challenge was to get to know other Community Members better by visiting their images and asking questions or commenting on them.

Here are some of my favorites with the #OnTheSpotChallenge listed in the caption.

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