The Weekly Wrap-up compiles interesting articles published this week on Photofocus. This week, we learned about beauty standards, creating a snow scene, using Lume Cubes with holiday lights, selling photography online, people in architecture and mobile sync with ACDSee.

Reflections on beauty standards and photo editing, part one - In the past, retouching a model’s face or body for magazines covers or ads has often been a source of ethical debate. Now in 2019, it seems like reshaping one’s features have become globally adopted in photographs as in real life. What led to such a shift? Beauty enhancing vs. quest for youth Nowadays, botox, implants […]
Making your own snow scene - Recently I worked with a team of fellow creatives on an "Ice Queen" character concept and photoshoot. Since snow is in pretty short supply in sunny Florida, to create the snow covered photo set we envisioned required much brainstorming, research and experimentation. While we could have resorted to a more Photoshop based approach, creating snow effects on the computer, we wanted to get as much of the winter effect in camera in one shot as possible.
Portrait Tips: Build a scene with Lume Cubes & holiday lights - Holiday lights are so cool. If the tree didn’t dry out and start dropping needles, I think I’d petition my wife to leave them set up all year. They just give such a terrific mood. It’s because they have a warm tone and because they are so spread out they make a very soft light. […]
Including people in architectural images - When photographing architecture, it’s easy to focus on the building itself and forget its purpose. While architecture is the main subject, it is important to capture how people are interacting with the building or space. This is why including people in your architectural images is key to convey the design. Architects and interior designers increasingly […]
ACDSee’s Mobile Sync is really cool - Transferring pictures between your phone and your computer is troublesome but often necessary. If you’re like me, then just because you shot a picture with your phone doesn’t mean you don’t want to use the best tools available on your computer to finish the photograph — especially as phone cameras get better and better (did […]
Selling your photography online: A practical guide - Are you considering selling your photos online? At some point, we likely all consider ways to create income from this photography obsession of ours. I mean, why not right? We have the images, there are plenty of options and opportunities out there to sell our work but finding the right avenue to do this can […]

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