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Farming beauty, with Lindsay Adler

For Lindsay Adler, getting started with photography deeply involved her family, living on a farm. But instead of working the farm, she pulled out a camera early on and learned

Weekly Wrap-Up: January 13-19, 2019

The Weekly Wrap-up compiles interesting articles published this week on Photofocus. This week, we learned about beauty standards, creating a snow scene, using Lume Cubes with holiday lights, selling photography

Alan Jones, Photographer of the Day with his study "Emily Hardisty."

Photographer of the Day: Allan Jones

Category: Beauty Photographer: Allan Jones Photo: “Emily Hardisty” A soft, almost painterly portrait of Emily Hardisty earns Alan Jones today’s honor. This study of a face shows beauty in her

Milk Bath Relaxation is the Photofocus Photographer of the Day kudo maker for Jeff Goldberg

Photographer of the Day: Jeff Goldberg

Category: Beauty Photographer: Jeff Goldberg Photo: “Milk Bath Relaxation” Flowers both plant and mammal floating in milk. What a lovely idea! The colors surrounding the model compliment and mirror her

Photographer of the Day Baspherical with Display Dummy, Düsseldorf".

Photographer of the Day: Baspherical

Category: Beauty Photographer: Baspherical Photo: “Display Dummy, Düsseldorf” An otherworldly, film-noir look into a possible future is evoked with this offering-“Display Dummy, Düsseldorf.” A close look causes wonder in the

Photographer of the day honors go to Thomas Salinka with "Face-Anastasia"

Photographer of the Day: Thomas Salinka

Category: Beauty Photographer: Thomas Salinka Photo: “Face-Anastasia” The quiet reveal of the model’s strong eyebrow and her eye in “Face-Anastasia” grabs the viewer. Is she being revealed or is the

"Untitled" earns Plane Sight Images kudos as Photographer of the Day on Photofocus.

Photographer of the Day: Plane Sight Images

Category: Beauty Photographer: Plane Sight Images Photo: “Untitled” Beauty is ageless. The serenity of the woman in “Untitled” is heartwarming. Her casual pose in an ancient church in France shows

Photofocus photographer of the day is Bernhard Garbers with his portrait "Esther van Leeuwen".

Photographer of the Day: Bernhard Garbers

Category: Beauty Photographer: Bernhard Garbers Photo: “Esther van Leeuwen” Beauty isn’t always slick, styled and made up. Beauty shows through power, determination and grit. Today’s photographer of the day, Bernhard

Photofocus Photographer of the Day is KBT Images with "Kristy Louise"

Photographer of the Day: KBT Images

Category: Beauty Photographer: KBT Images Photo: “Kristy Louise” High wire act or in this case, dangling from chains features aerial artist, Kristy Louise, shrouded in smoke in full flight. The

Photographer of the Day Jeff Goldberg with "Full Moon Glamour".

Photographer of the Day: Jeff Goldberg

Category: Beauty Photographer: Jeff Goldberg Photo: “Full Moon Glamour” Beauty. Glamour. What is the difference? Today’s photographer of the day image does both. The glamourous lighting couples gracefully with the

Michael Greening returns as the Halloween Photographer of the Day on Photofocus with A Glamorous Kiss

Photographer of the Day: Michael Greening

Category: Beauty Photographer: Michael Greening Photo: “A Glamourous Kiss” It’s October. The time of ghosts, goblins, and masquerades! Michael Greening returns as the Photofocus Photographer of the Day with “A Glamourous Kiss”

Hellcat A Go-Go's homage to wartime pinups is titled "Lorraine SugarKane".

Photographer of the Day: Hellcat A-Go-Go

Category: Beauty Photographer: Hellcat A-Go-Go Photo: “Lorraine SugarKane” Set the WABAC machine for the days of pinup girls during the Second World War. These posters bouyed morale for countless G.I.s on the front

Photographer of the Day, Foteini Zaglara with Amphritite's Dream III

Photographer of the Day: Foteini Zaglara

Category: Beauty Photographer: Foteini Zaglara Photo: “Amphitrite’s Dream III” Foteini Zaglara again graces us with a fantastical image. This composition of a woman floating with serene grace is seen from beneath the

Ian Lewry's "Steampunk photo -56" earns him Photofocus Photographer of the Day kudos

Photographer of the Day: Ian Lewry

Category: Beauty Photographer: Ian Lewry Photo: “Steampunk – photo 56” I love steampunk! I love all of the meta-retro costume ideas people create around it. I can easily picture the woman in

Photofocus photographer of the day, Christian with "The dancer."

Photographer of the Day: Christian

Category: Beauty Photographer: Christian Photo: “The dancer” Dance is alluring, energetic and beautiful. The dancer by Christian shows grace, style and effortless motion all in a single photograph. Her extended arms in a

Johann Walter Bantz with Polo Club, Chantilly France earns him the honor of Photofocus Photographer of the Day.

Photographer of the Day: Johann Walter Bantz

Category: Beauty Photographer: Johann Walter Bantz Photo: “Polo Club Chantilly FR” Beauty often shows in gesture and simplicity. This intimate moment at a polo field near Chantilly, France is the essence

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