In this week’s edition of The Sunday Shutter, the top shots from the International Landscape Photographer of the Year contest are highlighted, an 1800s-era technique is used on movie cast photographs and photographers are recognized for their work by the National Press Photographers Association.

Top shots from the 2019 International Landscape Photographer of the Year

The Atlantic

Of the more than 3,400 entries received, judges narrowed down the International Landscape Photographer of the Year contest down to a “Top 101,” and then awarded several category-based prizes. The top prize went to Russian photographer Oleg Ershov for his images of England and Iceland.

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Lead photo by Benjamin Maze

“Little Women” photographer uses 1800s technique to create vintage cast photos


Photo of Emma Watson by Wilson Webb

The movie photographer for “Little Women,” Wilson Webb, is showcased in how he is using an old technique from the 1800s to create new cast photos. The style of photography, called the collodion press, is used on actors for the movie, like Emma Watson, Bob Odenkirk, Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh and more.

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Regional Clip Contest Photographers of the Year | 2019

National Press Photographers Association

Photo by Kent Porter

The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) reveals its top photographers of the year, based on region.

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