Earlier today, Sony announced a new full-frame A-mount lens adapter that lets photographers pair their A-mount lenses with their E-mount camera bodies.

The new LA-EA5 will give photographers the ability to use autofocus and high-speed shooting capabilities found within Sony’s E-mount camera bodies. It works with A-mount SSM (Super Sonic wave Motor) and SAM (Smooth Autofocus Motor) lenses, as well as A-mount lenses that do not have internal focus motors.

The new A-mount lens adapter also provides full support for focal plane phase-detection autofocus, wide-area focal phase-detection autofocus, Eye AF, Real-time Tracking and AF/AE tracking. Depending on the camera model, up to 11fps is supported.

The adapter has been redesigned to match the diameter of the A-mount, making for a flush alignment with the edges of the lens mount. It improves upon Sony’s previous A-mount adapters, the LA-EA3 and LA-EA4, and features the external mechanism for screw-drive motors inside the adapter ring.

The LA-EA5 will be available in October 2020. Preorders will be available later today from B&H Photo.