Nikon and Canon cameras have a button on the camera body to enable a bracketing mode. Sony cameras don’t…I’d buried under the shooting mode menu. Once you know what you’re looking for and configure your settings, it’s very easy to switch in and out of bracketing mode. Let’s go through the settings and get set up.

To enable bracketing, we need to change the Drive Mode of the camera. You can do this one of two ways:

  1. Press the left side of the circular wheel on the back of the camera
  2. Go into the Menu, navigate to page 2 of the Image Menu and scroll down to Drive Mode. Press Ok.

Once in the Drive Mode menu, scroll down until you see the options with the BRK icon. There is a single shot mode (BRK S) and a continuous mode (BRK C).

Notice the arrows to the right of the BRK C icon. By pressing the left and right directional arrows on the scroll wheel, you can adjust the distance between exposures and choose how many images you’d like to take. I am usually happy with 2 stops and 5 images.

When you’re ready to change from bracketing mode to a normal shooting mode, all you have to do is go back into the Drive Menu and select a single or continuous mode.

Other Bracketing Settings

Sony offers a few more bracketing settings accessible through the menu. You can add a self-timer and choose the order to save your images. To access these settings, open the Menu and navigate to the page 2 of the Image menu and scroll down to Bracket Settings. Press Ok.

Inside Bracket Settings, click on Self Timer. I like to assign a 2-second self timer. Scroll down to BRK 2 and click Ok.

Under Bracket Order, I like to save the underexposed-images first, then the exposed image, and the over-exposed images last.