Google Photos has finally updated to include a couple of handy post-processing options. 

Even though the unlimited cloud backup for free is not available any longer, Google has not forgotten about the free users.

Users of Google Photos can now use a manual sharpening and a denoise filter to photos. This helps with the two most common quality issues in digital photography.

Image from Android Police

In the Google Photos Edit menu is a new Adjust section. This is where you’ll find both Sharpen and Denoise tools. These tools enable you to reduce image blur in soft images and lower the grain amount in images. As with any post-processing, try them out and apply them accordingly. Too much of either will not be helpful to your images at all.

Google photos
Image from Android Police

The one downside to both of these tools is that the effects are applied globally to the images. There is not an option (maybe it’s a future update), to use these selectively.

The Sharpen and Denoise features are gradually rolling out to Android users now. So in case you do not see it on the app, head over to the Play Store and update Google Photos to the latest version.

Note: These new features along with many other editing options appear on the mobile app but not the desktop version of Google Photos.