We’ve all seen the posts on social media. Which pose do you like better? Does this scene look better in color or black and white? Horizontal or vertical crop?

Well, now there’s a dedicated app to help you decide between two photos. It’s called WhichOne, and it’s available for free for iOS.

The premise behind WhichOne

The idea of WhichOne is simple, really. You upload two different photos, and then users can vote for their favorite.

As a creator, you can ask a question about the two photos. And currently in development, you can even cater your photos to a certain age group or gender.

On the viewer side, you can ask questions and leave comments, as well as vote for your favorite.

Posting your photos

I used WhichOne for a few different series of photos. While the idea is simple, it works pretty well. You choose two photos from your phone’s Camera Roll, add a question to the poll and then tag the images.

There’s one major flaw I found — in that it doesn’t allow for vertical photos. WhichOne automatically crops them. It lets you move around the crop, but it’s a fixed aspect ratio as far as I can tell. You can rotate the photos, but in my use, vertical photos just can’t be done.

This is something I really hope the team develops, as I’m often deciding between a horizontal and vertical view before posting my photos to social media.

I’d also love to be able to compare more than two photos, but at the same time, that might make things a bit more complicated. The big win with WhichOne is how simple it is to use and understand.

Beyond that, WhichOne works as expected. It took a little bit of time to get results for my photos, but once I received them, it was very straightforward. Right now the user base is limited, but I think there’s a ton of potential here as they get more and more users.

Use cases

While WhichOne is great for deciding which photo to post to social media, it has a lot of other uses as well. It can help you compare outfits for a model. It can also help you in your post-processing, in order to determine which edit is more impactful to everyday users.

Another use case I found was trying to decide between headshots for a client I recently photographed. Or if you’re trying to decide between a series of photos to put on your portfolio, WhichOne gives you an idea of which photos best resonate with people.

As someone who is super indecisive, let’s just say that WhichOne makes my life a little bit easier as a creative.

Learn more about WhichOne at whichoneapp.com.