Here’s a simple one for you, and I’m totally serious. Read comic books. Visual storytelling is a compelling medium. 

Shot composition

The great thing about comic books is you’ll learn about flow. This really helps you understand how ideas flow together. Shot composition, great ways to design composition. If you look at comic books, there are no limitations to where the camera was, so you’ll see incredible shots. You’ll see people design things that are just awesome.  Great compelling images to look at, and it will push you to discover new angles for your and videos.

Use of color

It’s also a great use of color. You’ll see incredible color palettes and how color can affect mood in the story.

Brevity in storytelling

In storytelling, I often encounter people who use too many images in their portfolio.  Or have too many images in a slideshow to tell a story or videos that are too long. Comic books are usually pretty tight on the story page count, and they learn how to get the point across in a limited number of pages.

The huge growth in the medium

If you paid attention to the industry, comic books, comic book movies, games based on comic books, entertainment options have just boomed. This success is all tied to the storytelling and the great characters and how they appeal to people. 

Go read

So you might think it a little bit geeky, but head on down to the comic book shop and pick up some graphic novels.  Or you can do what I do and subscribe to digital apps and get excellent access without the clutter.

If you’re looking for a place to start and you’re a little bit new to comic books, here are a few of my favorites.  Now in no particular order, here are six comic book series that I’d recommend that really push the envelope:

  • Preacher quite dark but an excellent series that really explores character in depth. 
  • Elfquest. One from my childhood, and that’s a fantasy book and one that explores the relationship between two different cultures.
  • Fables completely reimagines the characters that you knew from fairy tales and fables and puts them into New York City and has great story development over many years. 
  • Watchmen. You might’ve seen the movie or the TV show, but if you’ve never read the comic book, Watchmen is something not to be missed, bleak and dark, but still quite compelling. 
  • Camelot 3000. One you might not have heard of is Camelot 3000.  An exciting limited series that’s available in a graphic novel form.  It takes the Knights of the round table and moves them into the future.
  • Runaways is another one that’s been developed into a TV show. Still, the comics are so much better.  It takes a look at teenage kids whose parents turn out to be actual supervillains, and what happens is they discovered their powers and their place in the world. 

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