Can you make a living out of your passion for photography? Everyone knows that the short answer to that is yes. However, what is it truly like to go professional? What kind of work do you need to put in if you want to make photography pay the bills?

These questions require more detailed answers, and Sean Tucker is just one of the photographers-turned-YouTubers who have given their honest answers. If you’ve been contemplating going professional, it’s always worth getting the perspective of those who have been down this road.

In the video above, he first shares his personal experiences on how he started out became a professional photographer. Then, he gets to the truth that it may not be as glamorous or creative as most people may think. “I looked at it the same way a plumber looks at his plunger,” he even said about what holding a camera eventually became for him.

That said, Tucker also made it clear that he didn’t make this video to dissuade people from pursuing a career in photography. He only wanted to give some ideas on what the reality may be once you start to work with clients who already know what they want, and may even force you to do “bad work.”

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