Covid-19 is making all sorts of things difficult including couples portraits. But if you’re willing to take a break from standard portraits and get into something a little more fun and creative, you don’t have to be seen with those darn surgical masks!

Embrace the strange

Sadly those silly blue and white surgical masks are still our best line of defense, and it seems so normal to wear them now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t grab some great couples shots for Valentine’s Day. Embrace the strange, even though you may not be able to remove them in the studio or the park, you can still cover them.

There are some terrific Steam Punk and Halloween Masks out there — including Plague Doctors Masks — that really make a statement. Other items which can hide the mask include flowers or pretty fans. It doesn’t have to be all grunge!

Go for glamorous with fabulous ballgown or tux, and get completely dolled up. Then add in a bit of whimsy with your masks.

Go completely off the range and have fun. Let’s face it — we could ALL do with a bit of fun. Who knows you may actually love them as a reflection piece of a really weird year.

Throw in some smoke and mood lighting and really go over the top. Or you could shoot in a park. Maybe try a car park and really grunge things up and go industrial. The “normal” rules for a couples shoot have been suspended, so why not take it to the ridiculous?

Go alone or go as a couple

Now my images are of just one person and you can do that too. But why not do it as a couple and celebrate Valentine Day in style? You don’t necessarily have to go as extreme as I have done, but if nothing else it may be a memorable token of a very weird period in history.