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Photograph: “Hold on to hope” by Neil Edwin Sinadjan

In photography, we often label photos by their genre and style.  The beauty of the powerful image “Hold on to hope” by Neil Edwin Sinadjan is that it transcends these labels.  This scene is from the Traslación of the Black Nazarene, a procession through the streets of the city Quiapo, in the Philipines, that attracts millions of devotees.  The Black Nazarene is a carving made by an unknown Mexican artist in the 16th century, and transported to the Philippines.  Catholic Filipinos venerate this statue, believing it to have miraculous powers.  

The Traslación has drawn as many as 13 million people, and is notorious for the injuries and deaths caused by the press of the huge crowds.  The power of this image is it provides a glimpse into this throng, the press of bodies, and the devotion to their beliefs.  It cross boundaries, it is street, travel, culture, and black and white photography.  But beyond the genres, it is a moment perfectly captured.

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