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Photographer of the Day

Photographer of the Day: Wade Brooks

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Wade Brooks Photo: “Taking Time Just For Me” I love the light and shadows in this image. I can hear the peace and quiet of the leaves rustling. I can

Photographer of the Day: Jim Denham

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Jim Denham Photo: “Fog in the Trees” What a magical moment captured. I love the warmth through the trees created by the mixture of the sun and fog. If you read

Photographer of the Day: Joe

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Joe Photo: “Trees Through the Mist” Oh so moody. The symmetry created by the reflection makes this even more mysterious as if you can’t tell up from down. Images like

Photographer of the Day: Kurt Kramer

Editor’s Note: We’d like to welcome Lauri Novak back to Photographer of the Day, who will be curating the Outdoor category. Thank you to Rob Sylvan for all your hard work!

Photographer of the Day: David Morris

Category: Love Photographer: David Morris Photo: “candid.” Showing love in an everyday environment can be a great capture. Here, David captures a couple whispering to each other in their home. It’s

POTD. street, gino domenico

Photographer of the Day: Gino Domenico

Category: Street Photographer: Gino Domenico Photo: “Little Tramp” This adorable image was sent in by Gino Domenico titled “Little Tramp.” He said this about the image, “This picture was taken

Photographer of the Day: Ken Rowland

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ken Rowland Photo: “Snake River View” Such a classic view of Grand Teton National Park. Certainly made famous by Ansel Adams, but also surely by the grandeur

"Peek-a-Boo" earns Tommy Le the distinction of being the Photofocus Photographer of the Day.

Photographer of the Day: Tommy Le

Category: Portrait Photographer: Tommy Le Photo: “Peek-a-Boo” This compelling portrait of a very young girl carrying her brother shows the power of focus. The girl in the foreground is totally

Photographer of the Day: Allan Jones

Category: Architecture Photographer: Allan Jones Photo: “Roland levinsky Building” The extreme wide angle (14mm on full frame) view exaggerates the aggressive and highly angular shape of this university art building.

Photographer of the Day: cinzio Farinelli

Category: Celebrations Photographer: cinzio Farinelli Photo: “pirotecnica a moncalieri..” Whatever the reason, pyrotechnics are always a fun way to celebrate. Whether it’s small, handheld sparklers or big fireworks, they really can

POTD, street, Johann Walter Bantz

Photographer of the Day: Johann Walter Bantz

Category: Street Photographer: Johann Walter Bantz Photo: “04, Decembre, Pantin, France” This is exactly why I love photography! This image by Johann Walter Bantz is power. It is history. It

Photographer of the Day: Jeff Newton

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Jeff Newton Photo: “From sunlight into the dark” I love silhouettes of birds in flight, as the photo becomes more about shape than the bird. I also

Photographer of the Day on Photofocus is thesrpspaintshop with "Concentration".

Photographer of the Day: thesrpspaintshop

Category: Portrait Photographer: thesrpspaintshop Photo: “Concentration” This aptly titled work exemplifies a portrait that stands up to its title and more. The light from the smartphone seems to add to

Photographer of the Day: Rudy Pilarski

Category: Architecture Photographer: Rudy Pilarski Photo: “phylarmonie abstract” This highly abstract capture of a concert hall dares to viewer to deduce the actual structure, which does go contrary to what

Photographer of the Day: CampanellaFoto

Category: Celebrations Photographer: CampanellaFoto Photo: “AIK 1-2 IFK Göteborg (2015-10-26)” Sports celebrations are always fun to watch, and here, a soccer goalkeeper is captured as he celebrates a big win.

POTD, street, barbara koester

Photographer of the Day: Barbara Koester

Category: Street Photographer: Barbara Koester Photo: “Mummers” This image titled “Mummers” by Barbara Koester immediately caught my attention. The colors are incredible! I love that she said this about the image as

Photographer of the Day: Barbara Elizabeth

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Barbara Elizabeth Photo: “Purple Lady Slipper” Finding a lady slipper in the forest is always like finding a rare jewel. Such an ornate burst of color sprouting

Ian Lewry's "Sitting for an Artist in NYC" earns him the honor of being Photographer of the Day on Photofocus.

Photographer of the Day: Ian Lewry

Category: Portrait Photographer: Ian Lewry Photo: “Sitting for a Street Artist in NYC” A portrait of a portraitist earns Ian Lewry the honor of Photographer of the Day. While the

Photographer of the Day: BigPhilUK

Category: Architecture Photographer: BigPhilUK Photo: “Gherkins” While this is not what we “normally” consider an architectural photograph — meaning it’s not representing a building at the architect might have envisioned

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