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Should you become a professional photographer?
No one ever told me I could become an artist
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5 tips to use NOW to reach your goals faster
Charging the right price: Why is it important?
Fast & Easy Tips for Photographing Fireworks this Fourth of July
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Gear Review: Fractals (Your New Must-Have)
The Art of Being “Photogenic”
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What’s In the Bag: Gear I Use to Photograph President Trump

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Gear Review: Fractals (Your New Must-Have)

Fractals, people, are the new must-haves in my camera bag. I was introduced to Fractals at WPPI. My friend and fellow photographer, Kathy Mukhopadhyay, bought a set and mentioned that they were doing live demos throughout the trade show if

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The Art of Being “Photogenic”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone say ‘I am not ‘photogenic’. To be honest, I hate that statement. I mean who isn’t ‘photogenic’? To me everyone, I don’t care who you are, is or at least can

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lighting, speedlights, model, photography, photo education, photo tutorial WPPI

Lights, Colors, Fractals

I shot this photograph at WPPI in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. I was at the ClickProps Studio Backdrops booth. This company makes over 500 backdrops in various designs and sizes, and we got to test out a

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Is Opportunity Knocking? Are You Ready?

Have you ever been in a room and looked around and felt like you didn’t belong? Just felt like you were a fish out of the water and your hoping no one noticed that you’re drowning in the corner. That is the

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Backlit portrait

Why I love backlighting

Placing the main light source behind a subject often creates very cool moods (indoors and outdoors). Here’s why I love backlighting! What’s backlighting? Backlighting is any type of photography where the main light source comes from behind the subject. (The

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On Photography: Chanell Stone, 1992-present

On Photography: Chanell Stone, 1992-present

“For many Black people, rural nature, places like national parks, aren’t very accessible, sometimes it’s the cost, but more often the issue is societal. As Black people, it feels like these rural spaces aren’t for us. I want to turn

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Can a Cheap Vintage Lens Adapter Damage your Camera ? (M42 vs M42) - youtube

Should you use a cheap vintage lens adapter?

If you’ve been interested in adapting vintage lenses to your digital camera, you must also be already looking around for a vintage lens adapter to use. There’s one for every budget, but we’re sure you’re wondering, are the cheap options

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Hiking cover-1

Five tips for the hiking photographer

Sharing pictures from beautiful places is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I’ve hiked to get there. However, if I suddenly had to choose between never making a picture for the rest of my life or never

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