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Photograph: Sunset Alternative Couple” by Konrad Dwojak

These two young millennials declare their individuality not only as members of their generation, but also with the clothes they show in “Sunset Alternative Couple” by today’s Photofocus Photographer of the Day, Konrad Dwojak. The wardrobe styling is a commanding statement of the pair’s vision of today and what’s ahead for them. Their formal tops and casual bottoms frame the dichotomy of a world in a state of constant change, of continuing evolution. The mist in the background is a powerful diagonal that separates the peaceful field of grass from the threatening tension brought on by the fierce, foreboding sky. A tree stands on the far left in the background, alone. Is this composition a metaphor for what happens to those who won’t accept change?

Originally shared with the Photofocus Flickr community right here.

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