Portrait Tips: Get your camera lower

Your camera’s height has a strong effect on the impact your portraits make. I’m a fairly tall individual, and if I don’t pay attention, my camera comes right up to

Photographer of the Day: Shelby Deep

Category: Fashion Photographer: Shelby Deep “Kaylei” Photographer of the Day, Shelby Deep, combines a playful styling aesthetic in her photograph “Kaylei.” Clothing is not fashion in this one. “Kaylei” is

Photographer of the Day: Brian Harwood

Category: Fashion Photographer: Brian Harwood“Sasha” Photographer of the Day, Brian Harwood, presents a classic fashion photograph with “Sasha.” The dramatic makeup and off-the-shoulder gown set the mood. Her strong, graphic

Photographer of the Day: Steve Lavelle

Category: Fashion Photographer: Steve Lavelle“Street Fashion” Photographer of the Day, Steve Lavelle, takes fall fashion to the streets in his editorial style image “Street Fashion.” Warm colors in the background

Photographer of the Day: Martin Reisch

Category: Fashion Photographer: Martin Reisch“Distance” Photographer of the Day, Martin Reisch, places two models in an out-in-the-country setting. The styling is wonderful, right down to the gloves. The blue gloves

Photographer of the Day: Robert Martinez

Category: Fashion Photographer: Robert Martinez “Victorian Future” Photographer of the Day, Robert Martinez, takes us to another place that’s reminiscent of a fallen Stonehenge. The model, wearing a white, full

Photographer of the Day: KBT Images

Category: Fashion Photographer: KBT Images “White Dress” KBT Images a.k.a. Kevin Thornhill returns as the Photofocus Photographer of the Day. His editorial fashion image “White Dress” stands out against a verdant foliage background.

Photographer of the Day: Josh Cutillo

Category: Fashion Photographer: Josh Cutillo “Devon” Photographer of the Day, Josh Cutillo takes us to stacks of distressed lumber and his model, Devon. Devon wears a black leather bomber style

Photographer of the Day: Zedith Photography

Category: Fashion Photographer: Zedith Photography “Berthed” Photographer of the Day, Zedith Photography from Portugal, presents a classic fashion pose in his photograph, “Berthed.” The composition makes use of multiple triangle shapes starting with

Photographer of the Day: Honeybee Photography

Category: Fashion Photographer: Honeybee Photography “Pool Shoot” Photographer of the Day, Mark Vandenwauver of Honeybee Photography, makes great use of an infinity edge pool in the image “Pool Shoot.” The setting sun background reflects

Photographer of the Day: Justin Flood

Category: Fashion Photographer: Justin Flood “Nicole” Photographer of the Day, Justin Flood, give us a different view of fashion–makeup. The cool blues set a quiet contemplative mood. Her makeup and pose suggest the quiet

Photographer of the Day: Todd Holbrook

Category: Fashion Photographer: Todd Holbrook “Rhi” Photographer of the Day, Todd Holbrook, puts a darker spin on catalog style fashion photography. This editorial look is very alluring with its chiaroscuro lighting and high

Photographer of the Day: Vincent Milum Jr.

Category: Fashion Photographer: Vincent Milum Jr “Super Milk” Photographer of the Day, Vincent Milum Jr., uses harsh light outdoors to showcase the milky skin of his model. Her light skin