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Photograph:I’m sure there are many stories behind this old bike!” by  Jim Sollows

It is often easier to say that you like an image versus trying to explain why you like it. For me it usually comes down to a few simple tests. Does it make me feel something? Does it make me imagine the story of the scene? Jim Sollows’ photo, “I’m sure there are many stories behind this old bike!” does both, and his title captures perfectly what we are all probably thinking when taking in this photo. His composition pulls you directly to the focal point of the image, accomplished by his choice of a nearly ground level shooting angle. This low angle blurs the foreground, drawing your eye through the scene, to the bike that stands in stark contrast to the dark green ivy covered wall. It’s a beautiful, if somewhat haunting, scene that makes you both feel and imagine.

Originally shared on the Photofocus Flickr group

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