If you want to dive into the elements of nature, you only need to follow the call of plants, said St. Petersburg-based freelance photographer Erika Parfenova. To prove this, we only have her “Botanical Garden” macro photography series to check out. If you find inspiration and creative energy in lush greenery and forests, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting. Consider it as an invitation to get lost in the diversity of details in foliage of all colors, shapes and sizes!

If you’re a fan of macro or are simply drawn to creative captures of details and colors, this series will be a treat for you. Likewise, if you enjoy creating minimalist and abstract photography, it may also give you some ideas for incorporating natural elements into your work.

Bringing out the botanical beauty

Parfenova describes the botanical garden featured in this series as “a magical corner of nature created by people,” with flowers and leaves that are full of life. Anyone who loves spending time surrounded by lush greens and exploring forested locations will definitely know what it means.

Botanical subjects and scenes are especially popular with nature and landscape photographers. But as this series shows they also prove to be great subjects for close-up detail shots and macro photography. I especially like how she emphasized both the colors and textures of her plant subjects in this series. In some of the shots, she even experimented with colored lighting to give them an otherworldly glow.

Color and texture study in stunning macro

If you’re out of ideas or need to refill your creative juices and don’t know where to get them, I think a color and texture study is one of the quickest and easiest ways to do it. Some of us may feel like going out and exploring our cities for interesting subjects to shoot for a color, geometry or texture study. Others, like Parfenova, may feel more inclined toward stuff closer to nature — like some interesting plants in the backyard or their city’s botanical gardens — to train their eye for art in nature.

As a plant lover, I find this series to be a beautiful collection of color and texture study in glorious macro. I also think that it’s a nice reminder of all the painstaking details that nature has been generating for millennia, and macro photography allows us to fully appreciate them through a closer look.

If you liked this body of work. make sure to check out Erika Parfenova’s Behance portfolio to see more of her photography.

All photos by Erika Parfenova. Used with Creative Commons permission.