I’ve always had an excitement in capturing the macro world. Over the years I’d read a bit here and a bit there to pick up some new techniques and try out ideas.

If you want a shortcut to get into macro photography, you don’t have to spend that time searching out the info it took me years to find. Don Komarechka has produced an amazing volume on the subject in his well-illustrated 384-page book, “Macro Photography: The Universe At Our Feet.”

Don’s header image above should give you an idea of how deep Don dives into his work.

Macro photography

I really enjoy that Don starts with just a taste of how he came to be in photography. As with the rest of the book, he shares plenty of information without being verbose. I won’t spoil his introduction, but I certainly recommend other authors follow in his footsteps to leave the reader wanting more rather than beating them over the head with extraneous information.

Water droplet image with Gerber Daisy as background made in High Resolution mode. © Don Komarechka.

From start to infinity

The book’s layout is clean, easily readable and concepts are well illustrated. © Don Komarechka.

Komarechka shares his information in a solid step by step path. You may know Don for his spectacular snowflake photography. Information on the techniques used to capture these one-of-a-kind subjects is deep within the book having built upon knowledge shared in previous chapters.

If you are already a strong macro photographer you’ll find plenty of meat and potato ideas to take your image making to another level.

Frozen soap bubble made with water, dish soap, corn syrup and, of course, cold! © Don Komarechka.
Macro photo advanced technique render these flowers in fluorescent mode in this 20-second exposure. Don experiments a lot and throughout the book encourages yo to push boundaries as well. © Don Komarechka.

I found lots of information on exploring macro photography areas that are new to me. I’d never thought to add ultraviolet light or lay out water droplets for refraction the way Don describes.

Worth the price

When I saw the price tag I initially was hesitant to purchase the book. But, I thought of all the macro image tutorials and excellent photos I have seen from him over the years. I ordered one. I’m not disappointed, and am already planning out some new shoots using ideas from the book.

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob

Macro Photography: The Universe at Our Feet

After a landmark crowdfunding campaign, Don Komarechka’s “Macro Photography: The Universe at Our Feet” emerges as one of the definitive works on macro photography in recent years. Mad scientist photographer Don Komarechka takes us on a slow crawl through the undergrowth of life into a microcosm of light, color and shape. From simple beginnings and tips for your first macro lens, all the way to a masterclass in the obscure and advanced tools that shape light beyond what’s visible to the human eye, this volume aims to cover every challenge that a macro photographer might encounter.