As with black and white photography, color photography isn’t about just shooting with your camera in color mode. For a color photo to be truly outstanding, eye-catching and skillfully done, we have to use colors more decisively. Every impressive photo out there, whether by legendary photographers or your favorite photographer on Instagram, created their snaps with this in mind.

To help us get better color photos, London-based Jamie Windsor recently shared his eight quick tips in the in-depth video above. He talks about tried and tested techniques that include making a color (or a color combination) the main subject of your photo, using color to invoke surrealism and putting color theory at work.

Since editing is also part of making color work more effectively in our photos, Windsor also included a brief overview of how we can familiarize ourselves with our chosen editing software. On top of this, he also reminds us that it’s best to edit with a direction or vision in mind instead of playing around with the settings until we hit something we like.

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