When we speak of rare and legendary film stocks, Kodak Aerochrome sits high up on the list. Any film photographer, at some point in their creative journey, will come across this emulsion and try their hardest to get their hands on a roll or two. If this is the first time you’re learning about it, the video above shows what the deal is about.

Caleb Kneuven of Bad Flashes first gives some bits of information about Kodak Aerochrome. Like many photographers who have experienced this magical emulsion, he lists it under his favorite films of all time. He also chose the perfect place to shoot with this film and show what makes it unique and super popular: Yosemite National Park.

As an infrared film, Kodak Aerochrome is known for turning foliage into surreal pink and purple hues. It becomes especially prominent when you use the right color filter with it. Kneuven first used a yellow filter, but if you’re curious about the results using other filter, he also covered that here.

Unfortunately, this film has long been discontinued. Hence, its rare status. But if you ever get the chance to grab a bunch of this film, definitely go for it!

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