As with any photography genre, getting your camera settings right is crucial to getting beautiful landscape photos. However, when you’re just starting out, you might feel more comfortable if you have a rough guide on the settings to dial on your camera. While the best settings often depend on the lighting situation and the scene you’re photographing, there are some general settings that you can work around with.

Australia-based landscape and travel photographer Andrew Marr explains the general settings that he uses in the video above. He finds it an effective way to help beginners better understand the craft and improve their own landscape photos. It doesn’t matter what camera or model you’re using; these tips will definitely work and come in handy for you.

Aside from sharing his go-to exposure settings and preference for white balance, metering and focusing, he also mentions shooting in RAW. This last bit is important so you can access the most details at the best quality possible when you edit your photos.

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