Welcome to another episode of the Tamron Recipes podcast, brought to you by Tamron USA and SkipCohenUniversity.com.

In the show, Skip Cohen and I are passionate about highlighting photographic artists as our creative chefs and discussing their favorite photographs. Just like your favorite cooking show, we talk about the recipes and ingredients they use to create their visually delicious dishes. We enjoy bringing you the greatest imaging cuisines and recipes in the industry. Get ready to be inspired!

In this episode of Tamron Recipes, Molly Dombroski is the featured Tamron Chef. When you look at the popularity of why people book professional photographers, pets come near the top of the list, especially given the pandemic. Molly’s outstanding work effectively illustrates the relationship between her two beloved canines, Mylo and Summit.

As you listen to this interview, take note that she shares some great tips about photographing the furriest members of your own family. It’s also interesting to see how (and why) she’s chosen to use Tamron’s 28-75mm F/2.8 Di III RXD lens.

Be sure to check out more of Molly’s work on her Instagram page to get more pet photography inspiration for yourself, and for your future clients!

Listen Here: Tamron Recipes with Molly Dombroski