Scott and Marco discuss these topics on this #Inspiration episode of the Photofocus podcast:
  • Get to know an inspirational photographer: This month Marco introduces you to Lewis Hine (1874 – 1940). Hine was an American sociologist, teacher and photographer. In 1908 he left his teaching position to become the photographer for the National Child Labor Committee (NCLC) and documented child labor to aid the NCLC’s lobbying efforts to end child labor. Take a look at some of the images that he took during that time here: Hine and his moving photos certainly played a big role in bringing public awareness to this issue and helped to end this practice. Unfortunately he never really received the recognition for his work that he deserved while he was alive.
  • Scott and Marco discuss the Gulf Photo Plus event in Berlin and Seattle that they have attended and talk about the Gulf Photo Plus organization ( ) and their great efforts for teaching and inspiring the photography world.
  • Zack Arias shared a 90 years old photography quote by Edward Weston, that is amazingly current today.
  • Scott and Marco talk about how Joe McNally sets up a photo shoot and share some of his photography related stories.
  • Marco shares his thoughts on shooting portraits with wide angle lenses instead of classic portrait focal length.
  • Next, they talk about the amazing work of Gregory Heisler and how simple some of his concepts are that produce amazing work. Take some inspiration for future photo projects from some of Gregory’s approaches.
  • Scott’s photo book of the month pick is: Avedon at Work – In the American West ( ). Richard Avedon was best known for his portraits of famous people. But he set out in 1979 to start to photograph ordinary people of the American West. The book that resulted from this project was a milestone in American photography and probably Avedon’s most important body of work. As the original book can only be found as a high-priced collector item, Scott picked the book about making that book.

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On the monthly #Inspiration episode of the Photofocus podcast, Scott and Marco will discuss the art, history and motivation in photography that often gets lost in today’s media rich world. Slow down, look closer and put more intent into photography to increase your creativity and final results. And simply spread the pure love of photography.