Polaroid’s colorful history is never short of interesting and innovative products. Instant photography, a format which it pioneered, lives on to this day. Sadly, most of its iconic products were discontinued a long time ago. If you’re lucky, you may still find some of them on ebay or secondhand stores. So, it’s not surprising to see the excitement in most film photographers who are lucky enough to get their hands on some old tech, like Polaroid roll film.

Case in point is film director Ben Fraternale of In An Instant, who recently shared his experience shooting with a carefully stored Type 47 Polaroid roll film. Today’s instant photography only involves sheet film, so this was indeed a rare opportunity to be excited about.

So, if you’re not that well-versed yet with Polaroid’s past, you’re in for a treat. As Fraternale put it, “There’s a lot of fun to be had and history to discuss!”

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