It’s more common for senior portrait photographers to work with just one subject. Still, it always pays to be ready for a session with two seniors, whether they’re best friends, twins or siblings. Posing them can be challenging if you’re new to shooting senior pairs, but today’s senior portrait tip can help with that!

The video above brings yet another useful set of tips from Leslie Kerrigan of Seniorologie. Since you now have two senior models, you have to think about how to pose both of them effectively. Having a set of go-to poses will help make the shoot more smooth-sailing for you and your seniors. Here’s where the suggestions and posing ideas that Kerrigan shared above will come in handy. All the poses bring a fun and playful vibe to the portraits, which is perfect for capturing the closeness of the seniors you are photographing.

As with any portrait session, feel free to experiment with different versions and variations of the poses. Admittedly, these poses work best with two female seniors. There will be a different dynamic when you’re posing boy-girl siblings, twins, or friends, but that’s for another time!

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