With senior photos starting to fill out shooting calendars, how do you capture something unique for your clients? Here’s some simple ideas to add variety to their gallery .

These ideas work well as ice-breakers and to help a shy teen warm up to their session with you. Take the spotlight off posing, and start with these relaxed shots.

Capture what they love

Ask them to bring something to the session that they have a passion for, whether that’s an instrument (like in our lead photo) or their sketchbook. Shoot tight on the details.

Get close and find the tiny details

Throw posing out the window and get real close, capturing eyes and lashes. No forced smiles required!

Find a silhouette

A perfect one to end a golden-hour shoot on, silhouettes are classic, interesting and flattering. They work great for boys and girls.

All you need is the sky: get down low, expose for the sky and let your subject black out. Try profile or front-on.

Capture their favorite fictional world

Who doesn’t have a beloved fictional world? Ask them to bring their favorite book, and capture it up close. I love this as a way to remember what was important at that time in their lives.

Photo by Eepeng Cheong on Unsplash.

Including unique shots at your next senior shoot will give the family a well-rounded memento of this precious time. For more photo prompt ideas like this, check out photo ideas for teenagers on my blog: The Promptographer Guide.