So, you want to be a professional photographer? Apart from having the right skill set for the photography you want to do professionally, you also have to prepare for a bunch of other things. Among these are the headaches your photography clients may bring you. To help you get ready to handle these things, it’s always best to hear from more experienced photographers themselves. Today, let’s hear it from Atlanta-based Evan Ranft.

In his video above, Ranft shares some of the annoying things that his photography clients did. He wishes he knew about these situations so he could have handled or navigated them better. As he noted, these are often unavoidable, so the best you can do is be better informed and prepared. Hence, his tips and advice in the video.

These inconveniences and annoying things may either make you do more work, waste your time, cost you money, disregard your photography or disrespect your time. So, be on guard and take note of any red flags before signing up a client!

Are you a professional photographer with annoying client experiences like these? Share them with us in the comments below, or even start a discussion about it in the Photofocus Community