This is a question that is probably marinating in a lot of people’s minds, potential clients or otherwise. Surely, there are many pro photographers who have probably encountered this question more often than they’d like. If that sounds like you, we have just the video for the next time someone asks!

In the video above, Detroit-based fashion and portrait photographer Jessica Kobeissi answered this question and a bunch more. It all came from a single tweet that began with, “Am I the only one that think photographers charge too much!?” The person actually raised some great questions that every potential client deserves to know the answers to.

As with most businesses, getting into professional photography will cost some serious money. Kobeissi breaks down all the gear, equipment and other considerations that pro photographers must have and prepare for their practice. All these don’t come cheap, but perhaps not a lot of people know exactly how much work and money go into a single project.

Have you ever been asked any of these questions? How did you answer? Do tell us about it in the comments below, or over at the Photofocus Community group discussion!