How long can you go when it comes to lenses for portrait shoots? Many photographers would typically find 85mm a good medium telephoto lens for this purpose for its pleasant background compression and flattering rendering of a subject’s face. Today’s featured portrait photography tip, however, takes it a notch further with a 135mm lens.

The video above shows Sydney-based Julia Trotti at work with her go-to composition tips for a 135mm prime lens. She notes that this lens needs a lot of space for you to move around in when composing your shots. Still, with the right location, the results will be worth it!

Trotti’s main techniques for the 135mm lens are creating mid-length compositions and incorporating negative space into the frame. But of course, you can also get some really flattering close-up shots with it. Since the background compression with this lens also creates beautiful bokeh when shooting wide open, it’s a great choice for achieving a pleasant subject separation.

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