Minimalist landscape photography is definitely among the projects we like having on spotlight. It never fails to surprise those who are new to shooting landscapes in terms of how such simplicity can create mood and story. Does that sound interesting enough for you to try? We have some minimalist landscape photography tips to get you started.

In the video above, Lisbon-based professional landscape and travel photographer Andy Mumford shares some of his techniques for creating stunning minimalist landscape photography. The goal, he said, is to take a look at the visual chaos in the environment and make sense of all of everything. As with all kinds of photography, composition is central to minimalist landscape photography. It must subtract unnecessary elements from the scene and draw attention to the essence of the landscape.

Meanwhile, if you’re no stranger to minimalism, you’ll also see familiar techniques at work. These include breathing space, negative space and clever use of color. To make his list apply especially to landscape photography, he also talks about working with different weather conditions. These will help you effectively and dramatically isolate the subject.

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