As you go further into your photography journey, you’ll learn that it isn’t enough to have well-composed and properly exposed shots. You’ll also need to develop your own photographic style. It will set your work apart from the others but also easily recognizable to your audience. It will definitely take time and lots of practice. But you’ll likely get a head start if you have an idea about which direction to take your work.

Experienced photographers often have different ideas and approaches about photographic style. As an educator, among the questions that Australian travel photographer Pat Kay always gets asked is, “How do I find my style?” So, he put together his insights in the video above to help you establish a photographic style that is truly you and yours.

First, he mentions an interesting perspective. He doesn’t see photographic style as something that makes a photographer better than others. Instead, he considers it as an expression of a photographer in their current journey. As a result, you may develop more than one style or inclination as you progress into your craft.

However, there is one thing is clear about photographic style: it demonstrates clarity in a photographer’s work. The intentions are clear, the visual patterns are discernible and the message behind the photos is coherent. To achieve this, Kay suggests building your style instead of finding it.

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