In the recent years, more and more of our fellow photographers are reminding us that photography gear doesn’t matter. We shouldn’t be fixated to get the latest and greatest camera or the most expensive professional lenses. On the opposite camp, however, we also have photographers telling us that photography gear matters, especially if you’re a pro. The fact is, upgrading your gear is one of the ways you can keep up with the demands of professional work.

For London-based Jamie Windsor, however, the truth is actually more nuanced than that. Obviously, you will have gear requirements based on the kind of photography you want to do. However, his point isn’t specific to that scenario and has a more general application. “The gear you own really does matter, but possibly not for the reasons we are led to believe,” he noted in his video above. Now, we’re talking.

So, before making any gear-related decisions, why not listen to this interesting take first? It may help you better evaluate whether you really need that new Nikon Z fc or your current camera will do.

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