Smartphone cameras are becoming increasingly advanced through the years. So, it’s not surprising that many mid-range to high-end models are capable of doing even product photography. Their results are often good enough for social media posts, especially with the right lighting.

That’s where the video above by Brandon of figandlight comes in handy. He demonstrated how he was able to get a professional-looking result with just one continuous light, white backdrop and a smartphone. However, he did also use some other studio equipment like c-stands and v-flats to help him get the best results possible. Also, for this to work, you need to use a smartphone that allows you to manually set the camera settings as he did in the video above.

Still, the key takeaway from this demonstration is that you can great results even when you keep your lighting settings simple. Even when you shoot with a smartphone camera as well! Try substituting some of the tools that he used with what you have in your home or studio and experiment with them as an exercise!

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