Today’s modern cameras come with powerful features that make night photography a lot easier. They include the increasingly capable cameras of smartphones. If you’re curious about night photography with the iPhone 12, you might get some cool ideas from this Apple Creative Projects installment.

Landon of Apple Grand Central in New York City and London-based Finnish photographer Maria Lax take us around their neighborhoods for some night photography inspiration with the iPhone 12. We also learn some of Maria’s tips and tricks for achieving a dreamy and mystical look for night photography.

The Night mode on the iPhone 12 works great for shooting night scenes and locations with interesting light. Being able to capture lighting in different intensities brings variety to night photography. You can also prop the iPhone on a tripod to minimize blurs and shakes. Also, we learn from Landon and Maria that there’s plenty of room to experiment. Even dimly lit locations and seemingly mundane subjects can look magical when you get extra creative. Add some finishing touches with your editing, and you’ll have perfectly moody, surreal night photos wherever you go.

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