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continuous lighting

Using constant lighting for shooting film in low light locations
Edging the competition with the Genaray Trailblazer T40D
Creative lighting with Lume Cubes
Unboxing my Lume Cube Photographer’s Pack
The InFocus Interview Show with James Schmelzer | Photofocus Podcast June 22, 2018
Using the Angler Circo LED Ring Light with Macro Food Photography

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Unboxing my Lume Cube Photographer’s Pack

It felt like early Christmas when I got my Lume Cube box delivery. The company guys sent multiple devices and accessories to try in order to see how I like them and for me to review. I’ve had one hands-on experience

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Five inspiring female photographers to follow

Today is International Women’s Day, a perfect occasion to bring attention to some of the most inspiring female photographers I’ve written about as of late. I consider myself lucky to be discovering such amazing creative minds on a regular basis.

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sun flare

The easiest way to add sun flare to photographs

I’m a Lightroom Classic user, and have been since Adobe first released Lightroom. But is Lightroom the best and easiest way to add sun flare to photographs? I have created my own Lightroom presets to make light leaks and flares.

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2021-03-07 On Photography Fred Baldwin

On Photography: Fred Baldwin, 1929-present

“Have a dream, use your imagination, overcome your fear, and then the real secret to the whole thing: You have to act.” -Fred Baldwin Photo career starts with Pablo Picasso Fred Baldwin was only 26 and a student at Columbia

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TIFF vs PSD? Which is better & WHY! - youtube

Which file format is best for photographers?

If you’re a little further along in your photography, you most likely have already established your own workflow. This includes saving your image files in the best file format that preserves your layered work. Otherwise, you must be wondering, what’s

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