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continuous lighting

Three easy ways to use continuous light for food photography
Using constant lighting for shooting film in low light locations
Edging the competition with the Genaray Trailblazer T40D
Creative lighting with Lume Cubes
Unboxing my Lume Cube Photographer’s Pack
The InFocus Interview Show with James Schmelzer | Photofocus Podcast June 22, 2018
Using the Angler Circo LED Ring Light with Macro Food Photography

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Lume Cube Danse 2018

Creative lighting with Lume Cubes

Now that my Lume Cube Photographer’s Pack was unboxed, it was time for me to go in the field and give it a try! I got out from my comfort zone as I wanted to force myself to work in a

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Unboxing my Lume Cube Photographer’s Pack

It felt like early Christmas when I got my Lume Cube box delivery. The company guys sent multiple devices and accessories to try in order to see how I like them and for me to review. I’ve had one hands-on experience

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