Radiant Photo is coming to mobile! The beta release for Radiant Photo Mobile is out and you can get it for free for a limited time by joining the Radiant Photo Mobile Beta Community. It’s exciting to see what is coming at the end of summer from this software. Let’s take a first look at the beta of Radiant Photo Mobile.

Radiant Photo has been out on MacOS and Windows for a while now, and more and more photographers are coming over to the AI powered, full customizable smart editing tools under the hood. Radiant Photo uses the Perfectly Clear engine to power its image corrections. This tech is used by the majority of professional photo printing labs, worldwide, and it’s the leading AI image correction engine in the world for good reason. This is what’s powering Radiant Photo Mobile too, and it’s blazingly fast and delivering excellent results already.

First impressions of Radiant Photo Mobile

Radiant Photo Mobile on opening lands you in your gallery, with photos and videos ready to choose for editing. Yes, that’s right – the app has video enhancement too.

radiant photo for mobile
There is no importing required to get your images into Radiant Photo for mobile for editing. Just open from the Gallery tab and go.

There’s the option to edit individual images or batch edit. No importing is required – images open immediately from the Gallery landing tab.

These images are from the Android version of the beta – there may be slight differences in appearance to the iOS version. There’ll be small changes before public release, too, but much of what’s coming is already in here.

Editing mobile phone photos with Radiant Photo Mobile

I started with some phone photos from my holiday camping trip with my kids: It’s winter here in Australia so cozy nights around the fire and in the caravan! But, Australia winter, so we also went kayaking. As you do.

Radiant Photo gently brings out the best in your photos without overcooking, and that’s what I see here. It’s extremely fast and responsive.

You can fine-tune the adjustments with the Enhance and Develop tools, and Portrait tools that make Radiant Photo so useful on desktop are there too to enhance skin tone.

It also boasts the same auto-detect scene tool for instant application of the right Smart Preset for your photo.

radiant photo for mobile
The scene is auto-detected by the powerful AI engine under the hood, but you can change the selection if you want to, if another Smart Preset suits you better.

You can adjust the Smart Preset selected if needed, but in all the photos I’ve edited so far, I have been happy with the automatically chosen scene.

Batch editing photos with Radiant Photo Mobile

On the landing screen we have the option to batch edit by clicking on the stacked photos icon in the top left.

batch edit radiant photo mobile
The stacked image icon is where you can select multiple photos for editing.

Radiant Photo Mobile is very fast when batch editing – in the community preview here you can watch a video of just how fast.

Like we’ve come to expect from Radiant Photo, batch editing is done the smart way – each photo analysed for what it specifically needs. A variety of scenes is fine, and all are intelligently detected.

radiant photo for mobile
The scene in each photo is independently detected so you can batch edit with confidence, knowing that each photo will be made radiant on its own terms.

After editing you can Save All photos at once to your device.

radiant photo batch edit
After editing in Radiant Photo for mobile, hit the Save All button to export your edited photos.

Batch save shows you the progress of your exports and you’ll find them in the Radiant Photos folder created in your Pictures folder.

Editing RAW files with Radiant Photo Mobile

Editing on your phone with Radiant Photo Mobile is not limited to phone photos. You can also edit RAW photos. If you’ve never copied photos from your “real” camera to your smartphone without using a computer in between, check out this article for how to do it.

radiant photo for mobile raw edits
The Portrait tools have a range of options to improve the appearance of people in your photos.

The editing tools work great for RAW files. This one is a CR2 from my Canon EOS 5D Mark III and the results are as good as I’d see in Radiant Photo on desktop.

For quick edits when you are travelling, Radiant Photo Mobile is going to be a great asset.

What is a beta release of Radiant Photo Mobile?

So what is a beta release? The beta release is an almost-ready version of the software, stable enough for testing by real users, but may be missing a few of the final release features. There may also be glitches or unexpected behavior from the app too. Want to be one of the beta testers? Jump into the community to download Radiant Photo Mobile free.

Beta testing is extremely important for software to work out all the kinks before public release. This makes the software as effective as possible on release for users. And it’s a valuable source of research, too. Beta testers can give suggestions on what features they’re expecting to see. This helps the developers prioritise what to work on first, and what can come later in an update.

At this stage the beta is missing the Finishing Tools which include color temperature and exposure adjustments. LOOKs are ready to go for color grading as well as the AI-powered detailed edit tools. I haven’t come across any bugs per se: It has closed unexpectedly once or twice but that’s it. I expect that will be fixed before public release.

Keep an eye out for Radiant Photo Mobile coming soon

The release of Radiant Photo for mobile is planned by the end of summer so keep an eye on your app store to get your copy of Radiant Photo Mobile. There will be special deals for existing Radiant Photo users. Make sure you join the community to be the first to hear about the new release. Or jump on board now by helping to test the beta, and get your copy of Radiant Photo Mobile, free!