Since it came out, the iPhone 12 Pro has been a popular choice for those who want to do more photography with their smartphones. With features that promise the best quality for mobile photography, it’s among the smartphones that photographers are looking into upgrading with this year. But, how does its photos really compare with a professional camera like the Sony a7R III?

If you’re thinking of putting your money on the iPhone 12 Pro instead of a dedicated camera — pro or otherwise — the comparison video above by street photographer Pierre Lambert may be of interest to you. Apart from the iPhone 12 Pro and the Sony a7R III, he also brought along a Pixel 4XL for good measure. He shows both the JPEG and edited RAW images for all three cameras, so you can see for yourself how close the snaps of these smartphones can get to a pro camera. Hopefully, by the end of the video, you’ll be able to decide which one would make a better investment for you.