Taking impressive portraits on the go is now easier and more accessible, thanks to constant improvements in digital cameras. Of course, that includes powerful smartphones like the iPhone 12. So, it’s not surprising to see a lot of photographers using the iPhone 12 as their secondary camera. If you’re new to iPhone photography and would like some ideas and inspiration for shooting portraits, our latest find from Apple should help you.

The quick Creative Projects video above takes us to the studio of New York City-based Mark Clennon. First, we learn a little about his background as a portrait photographer, which should inspire anyone who wants to take the same path in the industry. Then, he shares his tips for directing, shooting and editing interesting portraits with the iPhone 12. Many of his composition tips are tried and tested techniques for portraiture. So, you’ll get powerful results whether you’re using the iPhone for practice when you’re out and about, or as a secondary camera for sharing relaxed behind-the-scenes of a studio shoot. 

Make sure to take advantage of the three lenses that come with the iPhone 12 camera. Experiment with them to make different perspectives and give variety to your composition. Also, keep in mind that for stunning portraits, less is more!

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