Most landscape photographers will tell you that the best time to shoot is during the golden hour. It’s the time of the day when the sky turns into a colorful symphony that makes an already beautiful location even more stunning. However, what if you find yourself in one such lovely location but it doesn’t have good vantage points for golden hour light?

Some good examples of such locations are valleys like Yosemite and Zion National Park. They may not be sought-after locations for shooting sunrise and sunset photos, but they’re still popular landscape photography locations nonetheless. 

In the video above, Denver, CO-based Alex Armitage shares his tips for making the most out of shooting in valleys. The key here is to break away from the expectations of getting the perfect light. Therefore, you don’t need to shoot during the golden hour. You can be a bit more flexible instead and shoot before or after. Also, you certainly don’t need to shoot in overly photographed spots. See what unique perspectives you can shoot despite the restrictions that the light imposes upon you.

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