For Israel-based fine art photographer Yehoshua Aryeh, the main challenge of life is to infuse holiness and inspiration into our daily activities. This has been guiding his approach to photographing his country, not only to showcase its physical beauty but also the allure of its soul. “Land of Life,” Aryeh’s coffee table book released via Kickstarter, makes for a good introduction to his work.

Yehoshua Aryeh in the fields of Yesod Ha’Ma’a’la

“Land of Life” promises to be an awe-inspiring collection of Aryeh’s best landscape photos of Israel, showcasing its beauty as never seen before. Through his interactions with the landscapes and his artistic vision, his goal is to share his love for the country “in a way that represents her true magnificence.”

This volume also bears the same standard of craftsmanship as Aryeh’s physical artworks. As part of the book, he also included written reflections to accompany each image. This is so viewers can better connect with his inner inspiration as they flip through the photos.

“Land of Life” will be printed on high-quality glossy paper and bound with a seamless lay flat design to fully take advantage of the 26″ spread. There will also be two editions: The Classic Edition, which will come in 13-by-13 inch size, linen binding and glossy cover; and the limited Collectors Edition, which will come in 13-by-13 inch size, leather binding and a luxurious clamshell case. This special volume will also include an acrylic face-mounted artwork titled “Inspire” and limited to only 250 signed and numbered copies.

Whether you’re a lover of stunning landscapes or a photo book collector, “Land of Life” could just be the next fine art coffee table book to add to your shelf. Head to the Kickstarter campaign to find out more about the project, pledge your support and help bring this project to life, while there’s still time. Make sure to check out Yehoshua Aryeh’s website as well to see more of his stunning landscape photography!

Photos via Kickstarter