You can definitely shoot landscape photography with virtually any camera. However, the results you can get will be markedly better if you use gear especially chosen for the genre. But, it can be confusing and intimidating for a beginner to make the best choice, given all the options available out there.

If that sounds like you, the recommendations of fine art landscape photographer and educator Attilio Ruffo could be of help to you. In his video above, he shares the five main items you will need to start shooting landscape photos. Getting the right camera, lens and tripod will not only enable you to get the best results, but also help you save on equipment in the long run. He also explains the reasons behind his recommendations, so you understand why they are worth the investment.

Since you will be spending a lot of time outdoors and lug your gear around, Ruffo also included some tips on choosing a camera bag. This is very important, not only for carrying your gear comfortably. It will also keep them safe when you travel or hike to your shooting locations.

Last but definitely not the least, he also mentioned why it is necessary to have an editing software for your RAW photos. Whichever software you choose, it is important to establish a post-processing workflow with it.

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