With 5DayDeal fully underway, organizers have created an amazing educational package, where you can learn things like software tips, must-have tools and advanced shooting techniques.

A LOT of courses look appealing, but as a hobbyist nature photographer I was drawn to Nigel Danson’s course: How to Photograph Landscapes in All Lighting Conditions. This course was chock full of good information and, of course, stunning landscape photos.

The right lighting is important no matter the condition

I’ll admit there are times I snap some landscape photos in less than ideal lighting, and that all comes down to poor planning. I may never have that problem again thanks to this course.

Nigel begins the course by covering his favorite phone apps that help him setup for jaw-dropping shots. He shows a variety of weather apps to find the sunrise/sunset times, pattern of weather conditions and predictive pattern of fog and cloud cover. He also demonstrates apps that help to plan the sun’s position, using augmented reality to show you where the sun path will be. My favorite app simulates the sunset on mountains so you can see the shadow pattern that would be cast.

Making decisions

Next, Nigel lets you in on his decision-making process. First, are you going for sunrise or sunset? Think about the atmospheric condition differences, how light may be better in certain locations and if fog may be present to create a dramatic element for your scene. Nigel’s photo examples demonstrate the drastic artistic differences that time of day has on a photo.

Even if you’re shooting midday, the sun’s angle relative to your shooting position makes all the difference in the world. It’s all about turning a flat look into a dynamic look. Nigel shows great examples of the effects created by low angle light.  Proper usage of this directs the viewer’s eye and helps highlight elements and details in the scene.

Stuck shooting in lots of light or a clear blue sky? Nigel’s tips will help you make the best of the situation. He’ll tell you what to look for and even what to ignore in the scene. What about if you’re in overcast conditions? Again, Nigel shows you ways to create a dynamic scene by adding interesting elements like moving water, a strong composition (foreground element) or long exposure.

Perhaps my favorite tip of Nigel’s is about shooting in rainy weather, which provides great opportunity for light reflections. Nigel also discusses the best ways to shoot in forest and woodland scenarios.

This course will show you numerous ways to use light to your advantage. I enjoyed every minute of the course. Nigel’s presentation and photos will both wow and inspire you for a more planned, more creative, and more fruitful landscape photoshoot.

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